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Cheap rock climbing holidays in Europe

Cheap rock climbing holidays flickr image by Magnezja

If you’re looking for a great way to get fit and build muscle but something that’s also a really fun way to enjoy a holiday then cheap rock climbing holidays in Europe might be the perfect solution. Read more »


Rock Climbing Donegal courtesy of Unique Ascent

The county of Donegal on the north west tip of Ireland has more rock climbing locations, routes and immaculate rock than the rest of Ireland combined. From the mudstone roofs at Muckross in the south of Read more »


Seychelles Rock Climbing Flickr image by dibaer

The Seychelles are a collection of over 100 islands lying in the Indian Ocean, to the north of Madagascar. They are a top luxury holiday destination, with some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, and a Read more »


Lanzarote Rock Climbing Wikimedia Commons image by Frank Vincentz

The volcanic landscape of Lanzarote is famed for its distinctive rock formations, so you’d expect rock climbing to be a popular sport here. However without big peaks most serious rock climbers overlook the island, leaving rock Read more »


Spain Rock Climbing Flickr image by neal_mcquaid

Spain is one of Europe’s top rock climbing destinations, with sites all over the country offering great opportunities for traditional climbing, sport climbing, bouldering and more. The country has a long coastline and a dry, often Read more »

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Rock Climbing Wikimedia Commons image by Mimihitam

Hong Kong is more than just a busy city on the edge of China. Away from the skyscrapers, you’ll find a rich green countryside which is becoming increasingly popular with rock climbers. Hong Kong’s people have Read more »

Trinidad And Tobago

Rock Climbing Flickr by mariachily

Thousands flock to the Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago to lie on its beaches. But many choose to do a little more than that: a Trinidad and Tobago rock climbing holiday is a great way Read more »